In celebration of the Emirati Women’s Day, and under the theme of the year 2023 “We Collaborate for Tomorrow”, WomenAre in its 2nd round is a celebration of last year’s success and a statement to future similar events.

Celebrating Emirati women in a different way, in a cozy loving ambiance where they can learn, laugh, cheer and be themselves away from the daily routine of their lives. From stay-at-home-mothers to businesswomen to executives; we all gather at WomenAre to “BE” authentic, learn from the speakers and re-charge from the refreshing energy. It’s a space of knowledge, love, wisdom, and connections.


Target Audience


WomenAre is a space for All women who want to take time away for themselves and enjoy the company of like-minded ladies with a different perspective of life. It is open for women in many industries, such as educators, businesswomen and entrepreneurs, health care sector, mothers… All women are invited.